Neco 2022 Fisheries Practical Specimen


The information contained here is highly confidential; Provided by Naijaclass Team. Efforts should be made to avoid candidates getting to know this either directly or indirectly before the examination.

Neco 2022 Fisheries Practical Specimen

Each candidate should be instructed to bring the following to the Examination Hall/Laboratory.

(a) HB Pencil,
(b) An Eraser,
(c) A Ruler,
(d) A new Razor Blade or Scalpel.

Candidates should be provided with the following;
(i) Hand lens.
(ii) Petri-dish.
(iii) Forcep.

Neco 2022 Fisheries Practical Specimen

Specimen A – Head pan.
Specimen B – Shovel.
Specimen C – Measuring Tape.
Specimen D – Digger.
Specimen E – Axe.
Specimen F – Harrow.
Specimen G – Hooks and Line (many hooks fixed at intervals on line, a 6 feet long).
Specimen H – Gill Net.
Specimen I – Fishing Basket.
Specimen J – Cast Net.
Specimen K – Knife.
Specimen L – Milling Machine (model).
Specimen M – Pelleting Machine (model).
Specimen N – Maize Meal.
Specimen O – Fish Meal.
Specimen P – Oyster Shell (grounded oyster shell).
Specimen Q – Wheat Offal.

NOTE: If it is not possible to provide each candidate with all the specimens and apparatus can be provided for groups of not more than 10 candidates.

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