What Should I take to Jamb CBT Exam Centre

Are you searching for What Should I take to Jamb CBT Exam Centre While going for UTME?  If yes, You’re to print your exam slip or printout. On this, you’ll have your bio-data including names, gender, date of birth, etc, and passport photos, both for the NIN and the one captured during the JAMB registration.

What Should I take to Jamb CBT Exam Centre

This slip, also contains your venue, date of the exams, and time. This is called the JAMB exam slip.

The question at hand is if candidates will be required to submit this slip during the exams. Will UTME candidates submit their exam slips after completing their CBT?

Another slip or printout was the one given to you after your JAMB registration at the CBT center, back then. Will you need to take this along to the JAMB venue/hall and if yes, will you be required to submit it?

In this post, I will answer these questions and prepare your mind for what is to come.

You Don’t Need to Go to JAMB Venue With Registration Slip

The registration slip was the printout given to you, by the CBT center, after completing your JAMB registration, back then.

However, this slip is strictly required to be kept for any future use or reference, if you’ll ever need it again.

There is no requirement to take this slip along when going for your UTME. It won’t be required for any verification at the venue. Hence, nobody will ask you to submit it.

You’ll Go to JAMB Venue With Exam Slip and May Be Submitted

The second printout is the exam slip which was the printout that detailed your personal information, photo, and schedule. You must take this along, going for your UTME, as that will be verified and along with your fingerprint before being allowed to enter the venue, sit for and write the exam.

Moreover, candidates may be required to submit their exam slips for the record-and-attendance taking by the CBT center and the JAMB officials.

Of course, the submission of the JAMB exam slips is not uniform across all the CBT centers. Some CBT centers will require candidates to submit it while others may not care.

However, there is no way to know, before the exam, which one will ask candidates to submit it or otherwise. Hence, it’s advisable to have two copies of your exam slip printed or a photocopy made, in addition.

That will let you have an extra copy, with you, if you’re asked to submit it.

Although, you can reprint this exam slip, any time later, if there’s a need to. I doubt if you will ever need your exam slip, again, apart from that exam date and for that purpose only.


While you will have to go to your UTME venue with your exam slip/printout, it may also be required of you to submit it. However, no need to take the registration slip along as you won’t need it at the venue and its submission is never required, for the exam purpose.

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