Should I Visit My JAMB Exam Venue Before My Day?

Some candidates had been thrown into dilemmas after seeing their UTME dates. While some were scheduled for 7am, some for 9am – which obviously was too early for you to be searching for the venue on the particular date.

Should I Visit My JAMB Exam Venue Before My Day?

Some were posted to venues they’re not familiar with it. They’re probably hearing about such places or CBT centres’ names for the first time.

This has been posing some questions. Should I visit my JAMB venue before the exam date? What’s the best way to go about things if I don’t know my CBT centre? Is there anything wrong with being in the venue before my schedule?

In this post, I will be taking you by hand and showing you the best possible approaches to things if you’re worried about the time of your exam, the distance of the venue and lack of knowledge of the location.

Candidates Scheduled to 7am Should Visit the Centres and Sleep Over

Except you’re in the same town as your venue, you’re not likely to meet the exam by 7am or 6.3am when the physical screening and verification are expected to commence.

In other words, candidates are normally expected to arrive at their centres about an hour before their schedules, as printed on the exam slips. This allows them to partake in the verification of their papers and fingerprints before they will commence the exams.

So, if you’re scheduled to 7am and you’re to be at the venue by 6am or 6.30am, it will be wise if you can sleep in the exam town over and make it earlier to the venue as scheduled.

Similarly, if you arrive at the town a day before the exam, you will have the time to locate and know the venue first, so you’ll know your route the following morning.

In this case, you should spend the night with a family or friend. You can also lodge in a hotel if need be.


Don’t Risk Going to Your JAMB Venue on the Exam Day If You’re Scheduled For 9am

It may be tempting to decide to go to the venue on the exam date if you’re scheduled for 9am.

A few candidates had talked to me about this choice which I immediately condemned.

Of course, you can be confident you will meet up if you can take off from home by 6am or 7am. You’re sure the trip is about 1 hour. Hence, the time should be right for you.

Except if your dad’s or mum’s car is taking you there, don’t risk it.

Using a public bus, there may be flat tyers, engines or related problems on the way.

Even with your parents’ car, these kinds of challenges are usual.

If you must listen to me, except you’re double sure that, you can be any form of delay if it happens on your way, candidates with the paper by 9am should sleep over too.

Candidates Scheduled to 12pm or Above Should May Take Off on the Exam Dates

The baseline is to be at the centre in about 1 hour or 30 minutes before your own schedule. In that case, you should be able to make it to the venue at the right time.

If you’re within the 12pm and 5pm schedule, and you’re sure that the distance to your venue should be covered, within a reasonable time, you can go to that venue early on your own date.

General Advice to Candidates Who Never Known or Being to the Centres Before

If you’ve not been to the town of the exam before and you’re not sure you can easily locate your venue on the exam date, even if scheduled for 12pm or 5pm, it’ll be wise if you can visit the centre a few days before your own schedule.

For example, you can visit on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday if you have your papers on Saturday. The purpose of this visit is to know the town, search for and get the location of the venue.

You’re, of course, expected to come back the same day (if possible) after understanding your way to the hall when the time comes.

With this first visit, you’re certain of the time, route, and distance to the exam centre when going on the second visit – which apparently is your own day.

Wishing you luck!

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