Waec Physical Education 2024 May/June Exam Answer

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Waec Physical Education 2024 May/June Exam Answer

Date: Friday, 10th May, 2024
Physical Education (Essay & Objective) 9:30 am – 11:40 am


(i) 4x100m relay
(ii) 4x400m relay
(iii) Distance medley relay
(iv) Sprint medley relay
(v) Shuttle relay

Staggered start:
In a staggered start, the runners in a race are positioned at different starting points, with the outer lanes having a head start compared to the inner lanes. This is done to ensure that all runners cover the same distance during the race, as the inner lanes have a shorter distance to the finish line compared to the outer lanes.

Dead heat:
A dead heat is a situation in a race where two or more competitors finish the race at exactly the same time, resulting in a tie. In such cases, the competitors are declared joint winners, and no one is declared the outright winner.

(i) A standard athletics track is 400 meters in length, with a circumference of approximately 400 meters.
(ii) Each lane on the track is typically 1.22 meters (4 feet) wide.
(iii) The track surface is usually made of a synthetic material, such as rubberized asphalt or a polyurethane compound, providing a consistent and durable surface for athletes.
(iv) The lanes on the track are not straight but curved, with a slight incline on the outer lanes to accommodate the centrifugal forces experienced by runners.
(v) The starting and finishing lines are clearly marked on the track, with the starting line being a straight line across the track, and the finishing line being a straight line perpendicular to the running direction. straight sections and two curved sections




(i) Stepping outside the throwing circle or runway during the throw
(ii) Releasing the implement before the start of the throw
(iii) Using an improper throwing technique
(iv) Failure to pause before the start of the throw
(v) Failure to keep the implement within the sector lines during the throw

(i) Speed
(ii) Endurance
(iii) Power
(iv) Agility
(v) Coordination
(vi) Technique

(i) False start
(ii) Failure to report to the call room on time
(iii) Improper uniform or equipment
(iv) Unsportsmanlike conduct
(v) Doping or use of banned substances
(vi) Failure to comply with the rules or instructions of the officials


– Olympic Games
– Pythian Games
– Nemean Games
– Isthmian Games

4(ii) The Olympic Games were used to celebrate the Greeks’ supreme god, Zeus.

(i) The ancient Olympic Games started in 776 BC.
(ii) The Roman Emperor Theodosius I banned the ancient Olympic Games in 393 AD.
(iii) The modern Olympic Games started in 1896.
(iv) Pierre de Coubertin was the facilitator of the modern Olympic Games.

4(c) One type of intramural sport is soccer.


First Aid Kit

(I)Bandage: Used for wrapping wounds or injuries to provide support and compression.
(II)Paracetamol: Used as a pain reliever and fever reducer.
(III)Methylated spirit: Used as an antiseptic to clean and disinfect wounds or surfaces.
(IV)Cotton wool: Used for applying medications or cleaning wounds.
(V)Tourniquet: Used to temporarily stop severe bleeding by applying pressure to a limb.

(i) Abdomen: Rectus abdominis
(ii) Arm: Biceps brachii
(iii) Heart: Myocardium (heart muscle)
(iv) Leg: Quadriceps femoris



(i)Adequate security presence
(ii)Physical barriers like fences or barricades
(iii)Effective communication with the crowd
(iv)CCTV surveillance
(v)Staggered entry and exit times
(vi)Alcohol restrictions
(vii)Designated seating areas for different fan groups


(i)Intense rivalry between teams or supporters
(ii)Poor officiating or controversial decisions
(iii)Alcohol or substance abuse by spectators
(iv)Historical grievances between fan bases
(v)Poor crowd management or inadequate security measures



(i)Collegiate sports (e.g., NCAA in the US)
(ii)Professional sports leagues (e.g., NBA, NFL)
(iii)Military sports competitions
(iv)Corporate sports leagues
(v)Government-sponsored sports programs


(i)Knockout tournaments
(ii)Round-robin tournaments
(iii)League tournaments
(iv)Invitational tournaments
(v)Multi-stage tournaments


(i)Anabolic steroids
(ii)Creatine supplements
(iii)Beta-alanine supplements
(v)Blood doping



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