Waec Food and Nutrition 2024 May/June Exam Answer

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Waec Food and Nutrition 2024

Date: Monday, 6th May, 2024
Foods and Nutrition (Essay & Objective) 2:00 pm  – 4:15 pm.




(5a) PICK SIX)

(i) Meat (such as beef, pork, and poultry)
(ii) Fish (such as salmon, tuna, and trout)
(iii) Dairy products (such as milk, cheese, and yogurt)
(iv) Eggs
(v) Nuts (such as almonds, peanuts, and walnuts)
(vi) Legumes (such as lentils, chickpeas, and beans)
(vii) Whole grains (such as oats, wheat, and rice)
(viii) Seeds (such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and flaxseeds)



(i) Weakness or fatigue
(ii) Loss of appetite
(iii) Bone pain or weakness
(iv) Irregular breathing
(v) Numbness or tingling in the extremities
(vi) Difficulty concentrating or memory problems
(vii) Weakened immune function




The reaction that occurred on the beef was decomposition or spoilage.

(i) Exposure to ambient temperature for an extended period
(ii) Lack of proper refrigeration or cooling
(iii) Bacterial growth and enzyme activity
(iv) Oxidation and other chemical reactions

By Refrigerating the beef immediately after receiving it and also Storing the beef in an airtight container or packaging

(i) Refrigerator or freezer
(ii) Airtight food storage containers
(iii) Coolers or insulated bags
(iv) Vacuum sealer

Perishable food, Have a limited shelf life and are prone to rapid spoilage, degradation, or contamination, Examples include fresh meats, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables *WHILE* Non-perishable foods, Have a longer shelf life and are less susceptible to spoilage, Examples include canned goods, dried foods, grains, and certain processed foods



(i) Fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals crucial for adolescent growth.
(ii) Due to its richness in fiber, fruits aid digestion and prevent constipation.
(iii) Antioxidants in fruits strengthen the immune system to fight off infections.
(iv) Fruits’ antioxidants promote healthy skin and protect against damage.
(v) Natural sugars in fruits offer quick energy for active adolescents.
(vi) Low-calorie and hydrating, fruits aid in weight management and prevent obesity.

(i) Fresh fruits
(ii) Sugar or sweetener
(iii) Whipped cream or Greek yogurt
(iv) Lemon juice
(v) Vanilla extract

To prepare fruit fool, chop fresh fruits and mix with sugar. Gently fold in whipped cream or Greek yogurt. Add lemon juice and vanilla extract for flavor. Layer the mixture into serving glasses and chill. Garnish with mint leaves or grated chocolate before serving.



(i) Table Appointments: Table appointments refer to the items or accessories placed on the dining table to enhance the dining experience and presentation. These can include items such as tablecloths, napkins, placemats, flatware (cutlery), glassware, and dishes.

(ii) Table Setting: Table setting is the arrangement of tableware, utensils, and other elements on a dining table for each individual diner. It includes the placement of items such as plates, forks, knives, spoons, glasses, and napkins in a specific order and manner according to formal or informal dining etiquette.

(iii) Centerpiece: A centerpiece is a decorative item or arrangement placed in the center of the dining table, typically intended to serve as a focal point and enhance the overall ambiance of the dining setting. Centerpieces can vary widely in style and composition, ranging from floral arrangements to candles, fruit bowls, decorative sculptures, or themed ornaments.

(i) Plates
(ii) Bowls
(iii) Cutlery
(iv) Glassware

(i) Napkins are used to wipe hands and mouths during and after meals, maintaining cleanliness.
(ii) Placing a napkin on the lap is a sign of good manners, signaling the start of the meal.
(iii) It is used to dab or blot food stains from clothing or the face.
(iv) It is placed over the lap to protect clothing from spills and stains.
(v) Napkins can be used to signal the end of a meal by placing them neatly beside the plate.


(i)Budget: The budget is perhaps the most crucial factor as it dictates nearly every decision in the wedding planning process. From the venue to the catering, decorations.

(ii)Venue and Date: Selecting the right venue is key to setting the tone for the wedding. The venue needs to accommodate the number of guests, fit within the budget, and be available on the desired date.

(iii)Guest List: The size of the guest list influences the scale of the wedding and impacts the budget and choice of venue.

(iv)Vendors and Services: This includes choosing reliable suppliers for catering, photography, music, and flowers.

(i)Buffet Style
(ii)Food Stations
(iii)Family Style
(iv)Cocktail Style

(i)Mason Jars
(ii)Stemless Wine Glasses


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