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Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my opinion on the lack of maintenance of public facilities. This is a major issue that needs to be addressed urgently.

Public facilities are essential for the well-being of our communities. They provide services to the public and help to create an environment where people can live and work in safety and comfort. Unfortunately, many public facilities are not being maintained properly, leading to a decline in the quality of their services and an increase in safety risks.

It is essential that governments invest in the maintenance of public facilities to ensure their proper functioning. Without regular maintenance, these facilities can quickly become outdated and unsafe, leading to a decrease in public safety and an increase in costs. Governments must also ensure that there is adequate funding for the regular maintenance of public facilities to ensure that they are properly serviced and kept in good condition.

It is time for governments to take action to address the lack of maintenance of public facilities. This is an issue that affects all of us and needs to be a priority for governments.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your name

NO 3

Babs Fafunwa Senior Secondary School,
P.M .B 3016
14th April. 2016

Dear Charles,
I received your letter in which you expressed your intention to study in my school with utmost happiness. I am particularly delighted that you will be with me in the same school benefiting from the enormous facilities available in my great school.
As you know through one of our discussions when you came around during the last holidays, my school is named after the late Professor Babs Fafunwa who was an erudite scholar and one-time Minister of Education in this country. My school is a model Millennium school with good building spacious classrooms with all the needed comfort like ceiling fans and adequate seats for all students. It is located in a serene environment which makes the school conducive for learning.
I am sure that the information that my school has good, spacious and well-equipped laboratories and a big, well-furnished library will delight you as a serious science student. Our laboratories are the best around as each of them has all necessary equipment for practical lessons and the school library can accommodate at least four hundred students at a time. The librarian is there to give out books to students which they can read in the library or take home. There is no doubt that you can get books and other ICT materials which can assist your academic excellence in the library. This is one of the reasons students don’t loiter the schools premises in my school They have a library to go and read whenever they are free.
Apart from this, my school has a team of qualified, resourceful and friendly teachers. They are also hardworking and always ready to render assistance to students as long as it will improve their academic performance. What is paramount in their mind is the academic excellence of their students. They are approachable and friendly as you are free to come to then for extra lessons on any topic that is not clear to you They believe that they are employed to solve any academic challenge their students have. You hardly can get such a team of selfless teachers in any shoot around. I am sure you find these teachers interesting when you come over to my school.
All what I have told you so far culminated in the excellent academic performance of my school in public examinations. For so may years now, my school has always recorded high performance in all the subjects in the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE). You can be sure of having a good result if you change to my school. The high academic performance has also rubbed off on the school’s participation in academic competitions like debates and spelling bee competitions as my school always come tops with prizes and laurels.
I am using this letter to advise you not to change your mind as you have indicated your intention to come to my school to study. My school definitely where your thirst for good and qualitative education can be satisfied. happy to have you in my school.

Yours Sincerely,




– Parents should instill the spirit of hard work in their children
– Parents should instill the spirit of self control in their children
– parents should teach their to be obedient
– Children should be taught the virtue of humility
– Parents should always encourage their children
– Parents should instill the virtue of obedience in their children


Mma Koku left home on a cold windy Monday morning to see how Koku would amount to something in life

Mma Koku was forced with whirlwind on her way to meet the pathfinder

Mma Koku plonked into muddy pothole she hadn’t seen in time

He was the very first person to earn the highest postgraduate degree from the village of koomla

A thread bare sweater over an equally aged wrapper

Widow’s mite

The pathfinder was compassionate

Mma Koku’s expectation concerning her son was to be successful in life

Mma Koku was in her early 70’s


(a) Adverbial clause
(b) It modifies the verb “shall see”

(I) Fragile
(III)A duty


(7)-Parents are to inculcate self discipline in their children
-Parents are to teach their children the importance of hard work
-Parents are expected to train their children to comply with laws
-Parents are illuminate their children on the value of integrity
-Parents should serve as role models to their children
-Parents are to train their children to work intentionally to achieve success

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