Neco 2022 Agric Practical Answers

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Neco 2022 Agric Practical Answers

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1a} Identify specimen A B C D and E
b} State one use each A B C D and E
c} Mention one maintenance practice of A
d} Mention two part of D
e} State two advantages of using E in poultry

2a} Identify specimen F, G, H, I and J
b} Mention three reasons farmers prefer cultivating crops on F
c} Give two observable characteristics that differentiate G from H.
d} State three factors that determine the population of I in a farmland
e} List two measures of J in a farm

3a} Identify Specimen K, I and M
b} State the mode of feeding for each K, I and M
c} Name one major crop that is attached by each of K, I and M
d} Mention three economic damages caused by K, I and M
e} State three control measures of K, I and M

4a} Identify Specimen N, O and P
b} state two economic importance of N
c} state two observable features of O
d} Mention two effects of O and N
e} List two animals that can be affected by each of O and P
f} Outline two control measures of P in farm animal


(1a) A; hand fork
B; dibber
C; cross staff
D; cast net
E; feeding trough

(1b)A; it is use for digging up weeds
B; it is use for making holes in the soil
C; it is use to make angel between two objects
D; it is use for catching fish
E; livestock feed are placed in it.

(1c) Wash rinse and dry after use

(1d) (i) horn
(ii) swivel

(1e) (i)it reduce wasted of animal feeds
(ii)it increases level of hygiene of animal feeds

(2a)F; Loamy soil
G; Clayey soil
H; Sandy soil
I; Earthworm
J; Termite

(2b)(i)it makes corn to germinate well
(ii)it is Rich in humus
(iii)it is well created and not water logged

(2c) (i)G; is reddish brown while H; is brownish in colour
(ii)G; is harder than H

(2d) (i) Temperature
(ii) pH
(iii) Rainfall

(2e) (i) Hard picking
(ii) Spraying with insecticides

K; Grasshopper
L; Bean weevil
M; Mealybug

(3b) K; bitting and chewing
L; boring
M; piercing and sucking

(3c) K; cassava
L; Bean
M; cassava

(3d) (i)it create holes in crops
(ii)it expose crops to attack of disease
(iii)reduce market value crops

(3e) (i) Physical control
(ii) Biological control
(iii) Chemical control

(4a) N; Animal skin
0; Tick
P; Roundworm

(4b) (i)it serve as food
(ii)it is a raw material for making leather material

(4c) (i)presence of proboscis
(ii)presence of legs

(4d) (i)it causes disease in animal
(ii)it causes malnutrition in animal

(4e) Under spec O;
(i) dog
(ii) cow

Under spec P

(4f) (i) Physical control
(ii) Chemical control

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