Banner for The Ascent's 2022 Personal Loan Awards Winners Winners of The Ascent's Personal Loan Awards for 2022 -

Banner for The Ascent’s 2022 Personal Loan Awards Winners Winners of The Ascent’s Personal Loan Awards for 2022

Personal Loan Award

The Ascent’s experts used our ratings model to evaluate accounts in order to determine the Best Personal Loans awards for 2022. They concentrated on market elements and user advantages, such as:

  • several loan choices
  • minimal or no fees
  • Affordable APR

We chose top-rated products that we believe are the most popular choices among consumers. In order to maintain objectivity, our final award winners were chosen by voting, with the Golden Rule as a last quality check. Additionally, special focus was placed on

  • Autopay reductions
  • Consumer assistance
  • Term loans
  • Term options

Our Editors’ Choice awards are an intriguing new addition for 2022. We are able to explore a wider variety of services and experiences thanks to these awards, which are top picks from our specialists and specifically catered to individual customer demands.

Best Personal Loan for Renovations

The greatest remodeling loan goes to SoFi Personal Loans for three reasons. It starts off by having rather low interest rates. Second, the loan amounts—up to $100,000—are sufficient to finance a variety of modifications. Thirdly, there are no origination or prepayment costs.

Best medical loan

LightStream has prices that are incredibly competitive, which is a crucial element for dealing with medical debt. LightStream does not impose any additional costs other from the relatively low interest rate. Additionally, LightStream provides quick same-day funding, and you can reduce your interest rate by 0.50% by choosing automatConsolidation

Best Personal Loan for Debt Consolidation


Due to its somewhat cheaper interest rate than other lenders for debt consolidation loans, Upstart beats out the competition. Customers wishing to make a single monthly payment with lower interest rates and who have a good credit history might consider Upstart.


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